The Great Remembering

We gather together to remember,
To RE-member all parts of ourselves back into wholeness
(And Holiness)

You are Well-come to join me at my fire.

Do you remember that you are made of soil and stars?

Breathe that in and thus weave the darkness of Mother Earth’s flesh,
Back into your own.
Inhabit your fullness,
And the knowing in your bones.

Earth — my body.

You came here to birth medicine from your inner ocean,
And, we alchemize plant and prayers,
Laughter and longing,
Sunshine and rivers,
Into potions of healing and love,
Bottles of liquid magic catching rainbow light as the land we love sings songs into the air we breathe.

Together we will create an apothecary.
We will tend your gardens and the wild,
With bare feet and open crowns –
Stars and Earth merge – through us.
And bubbling like a stream from the sacred center of our being flows unconditional love –
A balm for these bodies and times –
Replenishing and reviving all thirst for nourishment and true healing.

Water — my blood.

Close your eyes and See.
Make space for the vastness — and the void.
We welcome in The Great Mystery.

Together we will ride the currents of air and time.
In the spiral they dance through our lives and the ancient archetypes –
They are threads in the web of galaxies in the night sky.

Travel with me on The Great Wheel into all directions of what has been – and what will be
We Witches bend the laws of time and space  – and arrive more fully
To inhabit the present Now —
Which ripples into all directions –
With each beat of our Heart Drum.
In the sacred centre of our body and being –
We weave those who have come before
And those yet unborn.

Air — my breath.

Ignite your Yes!
Throw tinder in and feed your flame.
Embody your passions  – to live through you — AS you
Taking form and Trans-forming
Thus informing and enlightening you — to Who you are.  Becoming. 

This journey will change you.
In ways born for the fertile void of deepest mystery,
A new spring will awaken as You
Blossom and fruit the summer of You
To harvest the medicine of your gifts in the world and cut back the dead branches that reach idle.
Together we will feed the Earth once again –
As we learn to eat from the table of her belly.

Fire — my spirit.

Our circle is cast.
We are in between worlds.

And all that happens in between worlds – affects ALL worlds.

And so — it is!

Marysia Miernowska 
from The Witches’s Herbal Apothecary. Rituals & Recipes for a Year of Earth Magic & Sacred Medicine Making