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The Mindful Eating Approach

Living your best life through food

Unlocking your potential

You may be surprised how much your food habits reveal about your entire life. They either help or hinder you to live at your highest potential. Our work goes deeper than accepting an idea or changing a behaviour. You deserve a life that feels good—including a mindful, heartful, and you-centric eating approach that produces the results you want.

About Michelle

About Michelle

I love to help people have a-ha moments. I am a trained counsellor, philosopher and university professor. I know you were meant to thrive.

About the Work

About the Work

This approach helps all who want to lose weight, gain weight, or remain exactly as they are. It begins with food but goes beyond. This is about life transformation.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Sign up for mindful eating meditations and check my events calendar for upcoming classes, workshops and lectures across Edmonton, online and elsewhere.

Blog Articles

Blog Articles

The best way to learn more about my approach and get a taste of what all this is about. I discuss mindful eating, body image, social theory and much more.



Unfortunately due to health issues, I have a problem with being underweight, and it’s a problem even more so if I get sick. Your Mindful Meal class at Noorish was so helpful for me. ... With slowing down my eating and eating more consciously (actually being present with the food I am about to eat), I believe my body is absorbing more nutrients. I am also learning to trust food and the process of eating. Thank you again Michelle. It must be a wonderful feeling to know you are truly helping people significantly!


Michelle, the gift you have given us far exceeds what I had expected to receive from one [Mindful Meal]. What had started out as a small change to the eating habits, grew considerably into something more. I haven’t stopped thinking about my food now; it’s quite incredible. I couldn’t see myself passing up the opportunity to sign up for your mindful eating course [at Metro]. I think of your powerful teachings at least every other time I go to put food in my mouth. Trust me. It was actually that important, since I had no idea it was going to touch into my pain that vividly. I just expected it to be a class on organics. ...I tend to be so emotional about everything and somehow this mindfulness with food brings with it a certain calm. I am truly grateful that you extend your services out to us. Thank you


I would describe Michelle as very knowledgeable, fun and approachable! She has a curious and inviting way of welcoming conversation and getting deeper into my problems. When I can’t pinpoint my exact concern, Michelle uses her natural ability to gently prompt and ask the right questions. I always find our conversations insightful as I learn to see from a new perspective and hopeful as I usually feel much more optimistic and grounded. I would highly recommend such a competent and encouraging counsellor!


Howdy Michelle! This new outlook on food ... will doubtless have a healthy impact on my life! I think what you’re doing is so compelling and super important in today’s crazy world where the simple act of eating can be cheapened. ... You made such a fantastic atmosphere for the class it was easy to ask ... questions. I mention my time with you at Blush Lane often and how awesome you and the experience were. ... It’s so valuable what you do! Thanks so much for providing these opportunities for the community. I wish you the best. Much love, Ian.


[Your four-week mindful eating course at Metro] was a life-changing class. There are so many things I learnt about myself that I will keep forever. I can’t stop telling people about this course.


Hey Michelle, thank you for the wonderful night [at Noorish]! It was deeply touching. It’s so good for me to free the anxiety and emotions from my past. I have always pushed down the shame I’ve had for my eating behaviours. It was a comfortable environment to be with you and other who have had similar experiences. I’ve developed better eating habits the last few years and have been able to survive. However I have never experienced the slow mindful eating with insight into the associated emotions I have. Thank you for creating a safe place for this Michelle! It was comforting to know that you have been through a similar experience.


I invited my daughters, ages 22 and 26, to come with me to one of your Mindful Meals. As women, I knew they would find it interesting. And I know they way they eat. I was confident that something in the evening would grab them if they would get over their initial hesitance. To sweeten the deal, I offered to pay and make their dinner for the event. It was a kind of family picnic. As the evening wore on, they really got into it. The next day, my younger daughter called to tell me that she had packed spaghetti for lunch. Usually, she would just eat all of it because she’d brought it. But that day, based on what she’d learned at the mindful meal, she ate based on her hunger, which meant that she didn’t overeat. She proudly shared that it felt great. Something connected with her, and that is really good.