About you

Finding a better life

Where you are

You are not alone

You have a vast inner world. And it has various weather patterns: Some days are sunny and you know you can do anything. On these days, you feel like you have finally figured it out; you’ve got new patterns and habits, you like how you look, you like your social circle, and success is yours for the taking. You feel empowered and you shine.


Other days are incessantly rainy. On these days, you’re low-energy, the world is going to hell in a hand basket, and you feel hopeless. But you don’t even care because you give up anyway, and can someone please hand you 20 donuts because it’s been a rough day and you deserve it.


When the storm clears, you wonder how you can be who you are on those sunny days, all the time. What can you do to stand in your power: to trust, grow, and achieve in abundance? How can you be a force for good in the lives of others, a joy to know? How can you feel deeply satisfied all the time? How can you love your body and your life?


You’ve read self-help books, you’ve taken some optimistic risks, you’ve even been on the diets. But you haven’t seen the changes you’ve wanted to see or felt the way you have wanted to feel. You wonder what is next when you aren’t ready to give up on yourself.

Where you want to go

Now is the time

Imagine feeling in control of your experiences in life. Imagine loving your body. Imagine feeling happy and at peace.

  • What would you wear?
  • What would you do?
  • What would you accomplish?
  • Who would you love?
  • What would you eat?


Once you see food in this way, you won’t be able to see the world in the same way. 


Are you ready for a journey with your body that will also astonish, comfort and transform you as a person?

How you'll get there

and how I can help

Everything that you do, you do for a reason. You are not stupid. You are not lazy. You are not a failure. And you don’t hate yourself. But many of us feel this way at some point.


You are a good caretaker of yourself. My role is to help you to see the good sense in all that you do, to help you see that self-love is—perhaps surprisingly—at the root of all of your decisions, even the ones that don’t ultimately make you happy.


I can also show you how systemic social oppressions work to keep a good girl down. (There is a whole social history that affects you, even today. It’s not all on you!)


How do I do this?


  • I combine the latest understandings in social-political theory, philosophy, psychology and spiritual teachings to bring you a whole-hearted and holistic framework to empower you and feed your deepest yearnings for self-understanding and self-love.
  • I ask the right questions.
  • I listen carefully to what you say and what you don’t say.
  • I shine light in dusty places within you.
  • I connect dots to help you discover your a-ha! moments.


Then, you make the changes you need to make, bit by bit. They will feel easier than they have before. You won’t feel so drawn to eating twenty donuts on a bad day anymore. Or you won’t feel so drawn to restricting your food in ways that hurt you. You may be surprised at other self-harming (or self-sabotaging) behaviours disappearing. You will feel more worthiness and self-compassion than you have ever felt.


I am simply the guide. You have all of the answers and wisdom inside of you.


Are you ready to feel full of light and energy? Are you ready for transformation? Are you ready to love your body?


It’s time for HEART-LED LIVING. 



Don’t put it off. Act on that excited, hopeful feeling now. Start today!