thank you for noticing

today i saw myself for the first time
when I dusted off
the mirror of my mind
and the woman looking back
took my breath away

who was this beautiful beastling
this extra-celestial earthling
i touched my face and my reflection
touched the woman of my dreams
all her gorgeousness smirking back at me
my knees surrendered to the earth
as i wept and sighed at how
i’d gone my whole life
being myself
but not seeing myself
spent decades living inside my body
never left it once
yet managed to miss all its miracles
isn’t it funny how you can
occupy a space without
being in touch with it
how it took so long for me
to open the eyes of my eyes
embrace the heart of my heart
kiss the souls of my swollen feet
and hear them whisper
thank you
thank you
thank you
for noticing

Rupi Kaur