The Well Within

My very essence was not affirmed.
So I took it all and kept it inside.
Mom was emotionally unavailable
and perhaps she kept me small for different reasons.
I was not affirmed.
But then also,
maybe my essence was uncomfortable for her.
Maybe she didn’t want me to stray too far outside the boundaries/the lines.

Maybe she thought she was protecting me,
keeping me safe.
Maybe this all happened subconsciously for her.
I was left to try and figure out
if I was enough,
who I was,
there was little to no affirmation/confirmation
that I was everything already.

Felt judged,
felt not fully accepted for who I was.
I think I never felt good enough.
I literally have to find myself again,
affirm myself,
and forge a path ahead,
all the while working on my own mind,
telling myself you are enough.

Embrace my gorgeous essence.
Fully accept.
Fully love.
Wrap myself in love.
You are beautiful beyond belief.
Everything about you should be fully honoured.

I have been lost for so long
and yet I have been able to accomplish so much
and remain so strong.
What the hell does that tell me?
You are incredible and I am so proud of you.

Now go,
and discover your unique beauty.