Waking Up in Winter

One of the great things about reaching midlife is the perspective and the clarity we get as time begins to feel more precious and important. I remember reaching a point in my life where I no longer had the energy or the desire to chase after anything anymore. Not only that but it seemed like the strategies I used for most of my adult life – setting goals, creating detailed action plans and working my butt off to make success happen all stopped working.


My manifesting muscles went limp.


What I learned during my hero’s journey was that this new stage of life required a different set of skills – the ability to connect with what was deeply important to my soul and to host this information gently without attachment; a willingness to let life lead; cultivating the habit of waiting so that life could unfold as it should without me forcing and directing everything.


It was about becoming the chalice instead of the gladiator.



Cheryl Richardson